Let’s face it, when the snooze button beckons or the sofa is calling, finding motivation to exercise can be tough. Arranging a workout with a friend holds us accountable to actually going, which helps us stay committed to our goals. Not only are we more likely to enjoy our workout, but we’re also more likely to stick to our exercise plan when we know our friend is relying on us. The great thing about TRIB3 is that if it’s their first time, you can BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE, so there really aren’t any excuses.
Haven’t managed to convince your friends yet?
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TRIB3 is a great place to meet new people! The ‘mixology bar’ area is great for a chin-wag before or after the session. Making friends at TRIB3 is easy, as it’s likely that we are all striving to achieve the same or similar goals. Finding like-minded people, who have similar fitness goals, can give us that boost when we really need it.
In psychology, we look at group dynamics in order to understand behaviour. Groups have a collective identity and are in pursuit of common goal (see my last blog on cooperative vs competitive environments: At TRIB3, we become part of the tribe, and we experience a sense of belongingness to that group. And this works because it satisfies one of our basic psychological drives, relatedness, or perceptions of personal connection with others.
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The TRIB3 CLIMATE is effective because as soon as you walk through the door, you are welcomed, feel at ease and immediately relax into the environment. Although the group of individuals in a session varies from one class to the next, you have a group name (collective identity) and shared purpose. Being branded with the group name helps towards this sense of group identity (this is why groups are often encouraged to wear distinctive and matching clothing).
Group cohesion is an essential element for group success. You’ve found your TRIB3, love them hard and reap the benefits #ShareYourPain.

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