Sports Massage


Katia trains weekly at Trib3 along with her mum .. she says its a great way to be able to spend time with her mum & also keep healthy at the same time. They always share a shake from our Mixolgy bar after .. here is what katia gets up too when not training at Trib3
Hi my name is Katia Pinto,
I am a self employed sports massage therapist at Equilibrio, – based at the English institute of sports and professional Muay Thai fighter currently ranked no.3 in the country in Muay Thai 
I treat a whole variety of sports injuries varying from elite sports people to the everyday casual sports person in any type of gym or form of activity.
Even if it’s just a therapeutic massage your in need of due to life’s daily tensions we provide that too, massage is a great way of recovery and balancing your body again.
Massage is the body’s natural pain killer, it reduces pain, treats injuries, aches, DOMS, stress and promotes overall wellbeing.
So don’t forget to make time for healing.
contact katia on 07438888285

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