Ignite your TRIB3 Mind-set
Much of what holds people back from fitness, sport or training goals is all in the mind. The mind is a powerful force, and just like we train our body to perform at its best, we can train our brain to help us reach our potential. This series of blogs will give that extra edge to your training by giving you psychological insight into your TRIB3 mind-set! We’re going to be exploring, what makes TRIB3 more than just a workout, why we love hitting the #Wall, the Elite, Warrior and SteelWeek mind-set, how to ignite your TRIB3 mind-set… and more! This is what makes TRIB3 more than just a workout #TrainYourBrain
First we’re looking at how to get the most out of your TRIB3 experience by helping you enjoy every session.
Optimise your TRIB3: How to get the most out of your TRIB3 experience
45 minutes of non-stop high intensity interval training full of adrenalin, exploding lungs, burning limbs and melting into a pile of your own sweat… What’s not to enjoy about TRIB3?! Maybe it’s hard to believe, but you can actually enjoy every TRIB3 session. And with enjoyment comes motivation, so if you enjoy your workout you are more likely to keep going back for more. Here are some tips for enjoying your TRIB3 workout:
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Our mind-set can influence how much we enjoy our workout. When people have a “who is fitter, stronger and faster” mind-set, group exercise classes can be daunting. This is because we often compare ourselves to others to judge our own level of success (called Social Comparison Theory – some people are more susceptible to this than others). By comparing ourselves to those around us, we can get an idea of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we are doing- right? But is this social comparison always a good thing?*
TRIB3 attracts a wide range of trainees, from students to over 50s, and exercise newbies to marathon runners. If we are in the “who is fitter, stronger and faster” mind-set, we can become preoccupied with comparing ourselves to unrealistic standards. The atmosphere can become competitive and we’re less likely to enjoy the TRIB3 experience. For most people, a more enjoyable environment is one where we respect the ability of those around us (rather than envy) and encourage each other to achieve a group goal.
*social comparison can be helpful. For example, if you compare yourself to someone with qualities you admire and rather than envy them, you respect that quality and strive to be more like them.
Competitive environments have their place, and may actually benefit the trainees who are doing better than average. But in a competitive environment, the people who perform below average can feel demoralised and give up. In cooperative situations, even those who are below average still feel motivated to achieve the group’s mutual goal. At TRIB3 #WeSweatTogether and having people next to us sharing our pain can help us along the way.
A great example was at April’s Tribal Gathering event, when the whole group hit the MyZone Red Zone together – the atmosphere was electric! So ditch the competitive “who is fitter, stronger, faster” mind-set and cooperate with your TRIB3 #ShareYourPain.
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Next time on the TRIB3 mind-set blog: #ShareYourPain: cooperation is easier when you share your pain with friends.
This blog was written by Dr Helen Quirk, a psychologist specialising in the promotion of physical activity and exercise

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