How to stay motivated during Winter

TRIB3 - Stay motivated

Winter is here…dark nights..dark mornings..freezing temperatures ..getting out of bed in the morning becomes a real struggle, working out becomes lower on your priority list. Let's face it walking to the gym in the morning in the pitch black isn’t fun.
But c’mon we aren’t going to let winter mess up our workouts!

Here a few tips to stay MOTIVATED and KICK WINTERS ASS.

Find a workout wingman / wing woman

Training with a friend means you are less likely to skip out on a workout, cancelling a workout means inconveniencing a friend.
Training with a friend is also added motivation when it gets tough!

Invest in cosy, winter clothing.
It might be raining and it might be freezing but dressing appropriately will keep the winter chills at bay. Winter performance gear might be pricey but the quality of the clothing means it will last for many winters to come. Spending a bit of cash will also make you feel guilty if you don’t wear it! See it as an investment for your body and health.

Tip – why not pop your activewear on the radiator so it's nice and warm for the morning.

Fine-tune your morning routine
Set the heating in your house so it comes on just before you wake up so its easier to get out of bed, take a shower to wake you up and change into your activewear straight away. Your dressed and ready to go – no excuses! Why not change your alarm tone to a one your favourite workout songs to really get you going.

Sign up for a spring race
It could be a 5km fun run or a half marathon signing up to a sporting event in the spring will help you stick to your fitness routine and keep you moving on. The Yorkshire half marathon which is held in Sheffield also falls in April ….why not sign up now.

Winter treats
Now November is here I’m sure you have noticed the mince pies and large quantities of chocolate being stocked in the supermarkets, by maintaining your workouts you won’t feel so guilty eating a mince pie or two!

Summer bodies are made in winter!
Yes winter is a drag , every year its feels longer and longer …but at some point summer does return and so does the summer wardrobes .. when your dragging your sorry ass out of bed in the dark or leaving work and its already dark just think of how you want to look and feel in that swimsuit or summer dress . SET GOALS AND ACHIEVE!

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