Mixology Bar: Why you should refuel

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So you’ve still not tried one of the best shakes in town yet at TRIB3? You can't decide whether to have a delicious shake after you’ve just burnt those precious calories off?

Let team TRIB3 help you decide:

  • The food you eat after cardio exercise is just as important as the exercise itself, and reaching for a protein drink can complement your workout.
  • Refuelling your body after an intense cardio workout helps improve performance and recovery.
  • Whey, the most abundant type of protein powder is fast-acting since it is broken down soon after ingestion, giving your muscles a quick dose of amino acids. If you want to avoid dairy, try out soy, brown rice or hemp protein.
  • The timing and quality of your post-workout meal are arguably one of the most important details in your quest for a better body.
  • Your muscles cannot rebuild themselves without the proper building blocks of protein and carbohydrates. You absolutely must provide muscles with the raw materials and supplies that they need in order to recover and grow. An efficient workout is not complete until you’ve refuelled.
  • During your workout, you deplete your carbohydrate stores in your muscles because these carbs are used for energy. Therefore, you need to replace these carbs with… you guessed it, more carbs!

If time is your excuse for not getting in a meal, the solution is an easy order before your class … the mixology bar at TRIB3 will have it ready for you immediately after your workout … GO LIQUID!!!!!

Our Breakfast Shakes are very popular with the morning crowd – Try one next time you do an early morning session.

Ask for it in a bottle if your straight off to work .. NO EXCUSES

We offer tasters too so if your still unsure which flavour you fancy ask for a try … nothing is too much trouble. We want the shake after your workout to be as important as the workout itself...

Look out for the Shake Of The Week at each club … TRAINER INSPIRED some weeks …. only £3…

Essential fuel for a gruelling STEEL WEEK …..

Enjoy with friends!

What's your favourite shake…?

Let TRIB3 make it for you. We are always looking for fresh new flavours so let one of the Front Of House Team know….

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